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How To: Get the ‘NoDo’ update for WP7

Microsoft started rolling out the ‘NoDo’ update to Windows Phone 7 last week. Unfortunately it’s not a quick process – initially it’s only going out to ‘unbranded’ handsets that have not been supplied via a carrier (such as Vodafone). Very soon they will start offering it those with carrier linked handsets such as the HTC Trophy (Vodafone) and LG Optimus 7Q (XT Network) in New Zealand.

Here are Microsoft’s update pages which gives some insight in the status and availability of the update:

If you’re not too keen to wait then you may like to try a method that turns your existing phone into a handset that is not linked to your carrier. This is a quick and easy process for those who are registered with Microsoft as Windows Phone 7 (as I am) – but a more convoluted and certainly unsupported process for the general public.

If you’re willing to take the risks associated with trying to force the update then I suggest you refer to these resources:

I’ve found the update process was successful on my Samsung Focus (AT&T) – and reports indicate it’s possible to do it with most of the other Windows Phones available locally – including those supplied via Vodafone or Telecom NZ.


The update screen for ‘NoDo’ before I updated my handset.

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